My Story

Hi, my name is Cathy.  I am a wife, a proud mother of two sons, and a serious food lover.  After living and traveling around the world, our family has settled in beautiful Orange County, California, where we call home.  I was born and raised in Guangzhou, China, eventually moving to Canada when I was a teenager.  Having a father who owns and runs a seafood supplier business in China, I have been surrounded by food my entire life.  I possess a deep passion for the culinary arts and have aspirations to bring people together through my love of food.

Our Family Story

Our family story begins on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii where my husband, Michael, and I went to college.  We met our first week on the island through mutual friends.  We became closer, talked, became friends, ate together, kissed, fell in love, and got married to each other on the island.  Upon graduating college, Michael was extended a career opportunity in Irvine, California.  After we had our first child, Cruz, I decided to become a stay-at-home mother.  Since then, taking care of my family is officially my principal priority in life.  Most of the efforts of this responsibility are dedicated to cooking meals that are enticing and appealing to both Michael and Cruz.

My cooking story

When did I fall in love with cooking?  After graduating high school, I was faced with the all too often fork-in-the-road decision of, “What do I want to be in the future?”.  Garnering memories of my childhood and the recipes that my father and grandparents prepared for me, I knew that I had an unwavering desire to become a chef.  I eventually went to culinary school where, not only did my cooking skills, but also my passion for cooking and sharing food with others grow tremendously.  Although I didn’t end up being a chef in a “Michelin Star’ restaurant, I found the same energy and excitement when I cook for my family.  Cooking is my passion and sharing food and recipes is my desire.

About Love Family First

I love my family!  My family is first for me.  I have been blessed in my life with a husband who has an unquenchable appetite and a son who is an extraordinarily good eater.  We love living in California for the blends of different cultural foods and recipes.  We are not “Picky-eaters”, but we do enjoy food that is cooked and prepared properly.  I started this blog so that I could bring the Eastern foods and the recipes that have been passed down for generations through my Chinese ancestors to the Western part of the world and vice versa.  All of my recipes will be tested and approved by my husband, my sons, my friends, and hundreds of church brothers and sisters.


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